We are Trappers

After years of creating and testing this product in the field we feel it is ready for the public.

About us:

It all started one day in August deciding to try to help a land owner out by trapping hogs on his property. Figured it would be something fun to learn about, and do with my kids. After four months of constant failure to trap the hogs by getting them to trigger the door on the trap, and getting pictures on a cellular camera with them in the trap. I set out on the quest to figure out how to remotely trigger the door. I looked on the internet for remote trapping systems and everything far exceeded my “hobby” trapping budget. So I decided then that I wanted to find a way to do it much cheaper and just as or more effective. By the end of December I created my first prototype, and by early January we trapped our first group of hogs from home remotely. Since then we have worked to refine the hog trap trigger to make it the most durable, effective, easy to use, and inexpensive option on the market.

Trapped Hogs


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To get the most out of the Hog Trap Trigger Web application, we recommend using the following desktop web browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer (version 10.0 or higher only)


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